Don't stick your grocery shopping list on the fridge, stick it on your phone!

The CLEVER SUPERMARKET Powered by CLEVER HEALTH LTD saves your grocery wish list and when you’re ready, searches 15 Supermarket chains for the best bargains. When you use the CLEVER SUPERMARKET Powered by CLEVER HEALTH LTD “shopping list” we regularly find savings between 30% and 60% on your grocery shopping without leaving your kitchen!

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Mission Statement

The core purpose of CLEVER SUPERMARKET Powered by CLEVER HEALTH LTD is to provide a responsible, ethical and not for profit focus upon a "cooperative discount supermarket grocery shopping service". We provide this service in the hope that we can form a large enough alliance to bring about systemic change in the Healthcare Sector. We save you enough money through your weekly grocery shopping basket to make it feasible for you to commit to a Health Insurance Policy over the medium and long term.

In laymans terms we want to make it simple for a large group of buyers to collectively bargain the health funds to come up with a private health insurance policy proposition. We want affordable, reasonably priced health care that doesn’t shirk on it’s part of the deal through an overtly complex burden of proof. We want flexibility, reliability and mutual obligation and we want to democratise the provision of health services throughout the globe.

Please join us today and join the fight for increased funding of the NHS and for the Private Sector to play it’s role in making Health Care affordable for all.

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Why with us

Big Discount Information

Often Supermarkets will do 2 for the price of 1 offers or have short term special in store promotional discounts. The CLEVER SUPERMARKET Powered by CLEVER HEALTH LTD captures this information and makes it possible to split the savings with others within your group. Buying bulk can be fun and painless if you team up with work mates, friends, family and neighbours. It’s a team effort to understand your grocery preferences and it’s our job to listen to you to source the produce that meets with your requirements. Rarely will one supermarket fill this niche because private vendors like fruit and veg; butchers; dairies and fish markets are a step removed from your Supermarket. Well that just changed! Please encourage all your favourite vendors to list their produce at no cost or margin. We will solve the logistics and quality challenges and take the pain out of grocery shopping for ever!

Save Hard Earned Money

In today’s busy world no one has the time to travel from supermarket to supermarket to compare prices or even from web site to web site. Use our predefined algorithm to take the chore out of shopping and give you the products that you want at a fraction of the price! Better still, liaise with our talented support crew to assist you with ordering and liaise with delivery staff to source the very best produce directly to your front door.

Buy Best Insurance Policy

The NHS has for decades sustained repeated cuts public sector funding. Our Hospitals, Jails, Schools, and Infrastructure are constantly competing for limited funding. All the big corporates need to play their part and especially the insurance companies that are currently cherry picking the most lucrative insurance policies for the wealthy few. Health Insurance companies CAN play an important role in funding medical research and giving value for money for a growing middle class. The fact is that there is no incentive to change a system that is subsidised by the Government for the few that can afford it! This could change but we’d probably need five million people or more!!! to form an “alliance of the willing” in order to lobby Government and Insurance Companies to play their part! A collective bargaining approach is our preferred option in order to source the best Insurance Policy tailored to your needs. Every time you shop with us we negotiate with vendors on your behalf to find savings that can be offset against your premium.
Healthcare is about to be transformed especially in the US. By way of example, the $2.2 Trillion dollar seed funded Haven Healthcare which has a not for profit focus, has a vision to deliver simplified, high-quality, and transparent health care at a reasonable cost. Funded by Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JPMorgan Chase these companies believe that a systems and technology focus could potentially slash the cost of health care and related insurance premiums! It is our mission to seek out such companies and exploit tangible benefits for you and your family.

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